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WCCTV's Video Analytics provides advanced detection, verification and alerts for a range of intelligent surveillance and monitoring applications.  

WCCTV Intruder Analytics

WCCTV’s Intruder Analytics provides high-performance intrusion detection specifically designed for 24/365 outdoor operation.

Optimized using footage from thousands of hours of video covering a range of environmental variations, the analytics achieve low false alarm rates while maintaining high detection probability and reliability.

With a simple “region of interest” configuration for most scenes, the intruder analytics can be adapted to a wide range of applications. Whether monitoring a parking lot, providing remote access control to a site, or creating a virtual fence around a remote construction or oil and gas site, it delivers performance where it is needed.

WCCTV Video Analytics - Intelligent and Automated Mobile Video Surveillance


  • 24/365 outdoor algorithm for perimeter and sterile zone applications

  • Integrates advanced algorithms to maximize target detection and tracking

  • Can detect crawling, rolling, running and slow-moving targets

  • Up to 16 (directional) detection zones per video channel

  • Each detection zone can have its own set of parameters, to allow detection of small and large, fast and slow targets in the same scene

  • Improved sensitivity controls for reducing false alarms

WCCTV Loiter Analytics

WCCTV’s Loiter Analytics provides high performance loiter detection. Its image analysis tool can detect humans remaining too long in the scene.

The analytic uses advanced algorithms to maximize target detection and tracking.


  • A video analytic application that detects loitering

  • Designed for 24/365 indoor and outdoor applications

  • Detects moving targets and targets that come to a stop

  • Intuitive parameters for effective detection with minimal false alarms

WCCTV Video Analytics - Intelligent and Automated Mobile Video Surveillance


  • Monitoring of public areas such as parking lots, businesses and parks

  • Reducing undesirable behavior linked to substance abuse

  • Reducing risk to a property such as vandalism, graffiti, arson

  • Reducing risk to people from harassment near building entrances

  • Reducing the risk of crime such as identity theft near ATMs

  • Alerting staff to potential vagrants and reducing crime through early intervention

Compatible Products

WCCTV's Video Analytics is licensable on the following surveillance systems:

WCCTV 4G IR Mini Dome

WCCTV 4G IR Mini Dome +

WCCTV 4G IR Mini Dome with LPR

WCCTV Mini Dome Solar Trailer


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